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Case 1 - Use Our Services with Us:

Becoming a 24webtech partner establishes a strategic relationship between you and 24webtech. 24webtech partners will receive valuable perks and benefits that include connecting you to our community and helping achieve new heights. We work hard to make sure you are exposed to our vast network of opportunities worldwide.

24webtech gives you a chance to make a commission in our projects under the name of 24webtech. What you need to do just refer the customers to 24webtech under the services we provide to our clients. We give you 15 to 20% commission on the basis of project value. While placing a project order just mentioned your name we will circulate the quotation to customer by email with “CC” to you.For using this service you have to be customer of 24webtech at least once.

Case 2 - Use Our Services in Your Name:

We’re different from other organisations. Guided by a unique set of principles and values. People know us and are passionate about what we do.
With us you can create things that would be used and enjoyed by millions in coming days.

  • Use our services with your client under you name. We will be completely anonymous with them.
  • Discuss the projects requirement of your clients with us & choose the best package form our variety of packages to match the exact requirement.
  • Seat back & Relax till the project get ready to deliver as per the schedule deadlines.
  • Once the project ready to deploy. We will contact you to handover the output of your project.
  • We are not using any promotional copyright from our end on the project seal.  
  • We are not interfering any price value you are charging from end user. You have to pay only the packages we are deliver in our service packages mentioned on our website.
  • In case any query we will defiantly provide the support from our end to end user client if needed.  
  • After continuously successful delivering of projects you are eligible to get a discount in packages that we provide.

Contact us now to know more about the process or discuss the cases. Simple drop us a mail & we'll let you know the details.

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